Organizing Committee Members for the Complaint against Harvard

By | May 15, 2015

The organizing committee of this initiative consists of a group of Asian-American civil rights activists and community leaders. They include:

Alex Chen—Former President of The Orange Club, the first grassroots volunteer-based Chinese American Political Action Committee based in Los Angeles, California.

Swann Lee—A civil rights activist, and a Chinese-American author, who has published fiction in literary journals such as Uncivil, 236, Charles River Journal, Writers Talk, etc.

Chunyan Li—Ph. D. A Chinese-American professor and civil rights activist, who was interviewed by CNN News during Chinese Americans’ demonstration against ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Jack Ouyang—Ph.D. A Chinese-American Civil Rights Activist and a key Organizer of the Chinese American for Equality.

Yingying Sun—President of the Houston Chinese Alliance.

Ted Tian— President of the Chinese American Equalization Association.

Jeff Wang—Ph.D. A Chinese-American educator whose son, Michael Wang has filed administrative complaint to Department of Education in protest of the discrimination by Ivy League Universities.

Vincent Xie—Founder of the CivilRights WeChat, the most influential social media channel on Chinese-American civil rights issues.

Wenxin Xu — the Secretary General of the Federation of Florida Chinese Association,and the Vice President of Shandong Fellowship Association of Florida.

Henry Yang—Board Member of Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation.

Guodong Zhang—Ph.D., President of Long Island Chinese American Association.

Yukong Zhao—A corporate strategist and Chinese-American author of two books and many columns in Orlando Sentinel, Forbes, The World Journal and Sing Tao Daily. He is compassionate in sharing proven Asian-American wisdom in education, parenting, personal finance and family management with struggling American families. He advocates Asian Americans organizing to protect their civil rights. He published the first column on English media in support of Chinese Americans’ demonstration against ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Show in November 2013 and many columns in support Asian Americans’ grassroots movement to stop California SCA5, which would have reinstituted racial preferences in college admissions in the state of California. Mr. Zhao chairs the Organizing Committee.

Mike Zhu—Chair, Board of Director, United for Better Communities. (Or Charles Liu—President of United for Better Communities.)

All of them are outstanding Chinese-American leaders who have united the Chinese community and been influential in the recent Chinese-American civil rights movement and the 2014 mid-term election.