Yukong Mike Zhao, President
Jack Ouyang, Vice President, Operations
Claudia Li, Treasurer
Xiaoming Sheng Secretary

Board of Directors
Manga Anantatmula
Swan Lee
Claudia Li
Jeff Wang
Raymond H. Wong
Jack Ouyang
Xiaoming Sheng
James Shin
Guodong Zhang
Yukong Mike Zhao

Working Committee

Communications Committee; Director, Guodong Zhang
Community Outreach Committee; Director, Manga Anantatmula
Fundraising Committee; Director, Xiaoming Sheng
Legal Committee; Director, Raymond H. Wong
Programs Committee; Director, Jack Ouyang

Introduction of Board of Directors

Manga Anantatmula a Hindu activist, serving as a Senior Advisor for Political Outreach for American Hindu Coalition, which represents five million American Hindus in the US. She believes in equal opportunity in education for all Asian minorities. Professionally, Manga is as an Acquisition Subject Matter Expert and Team Lead for US Army Acquisition Corps at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. She has over 18 years of program/project management experience with the US Federal Government agencies including the White House, Pentagon, Department of Defense and others, Government of Japan, and private sector. She has managed programs ranging up to $1.9 Billion.
Ajay Kothari Ph.D. President and Founder of Astrox Corporation, an Aerospace R&D company located in suburban Washington DC. His PhD and MS in Aerospace Engineering are from University of Maryland. He has over 40 professional publications and also awarded National Merit Scholarship. He was awarded the “Engineer of the Year” award by ASEI in 2011 and was the president of ASEI National Capital Chapter for 2014 & 2015. He has been invited to speak on aerospace subjects by many entities, interviewed on television shows and his articles on space related and other topics have been published by various newspapers.
Claudia Li Ph. D. A Chinese-American professor and civil rights activist, who was interviewed by CNN News during Chinese Americans’ demonstration against ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Show, from New Jersey.
Swan Lee @swanlee99 An Equal Rights activist, a writer and a mother. President of Boston Forward Foundation, from Boston MA.
Jack Ouyang an IT professional and a civil rights activist from New Jersey. He is the Co-Founder of the Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) and served as the Vice President and director of the board of AACE since 2015. He also cofounded Millburn Institute of Talent in 2016 and served as the Chairman of the Board to promote cultural exchanges. Prior to that, Jack served as the president of Millburn Short Hills Chinese Association, a Not-for-Profit organization dedicated to build local community and encourage civic engagement.
Jeff Wang Ph.D. A Chinese-American educator whose son, Michael Wang has filed an administrative complaint with the Department of Education in protest of the discrimination by Ivy League schools, from California.
Raymond H. Wong Founder and President of Wong, Wong & Associates, P.C., licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey, from New Jersey.
Guodong Zhang Ph.D., President of the Long Island Chinese American Association, from New York.
Yukong Mike Zhao A corporate strategist and Chinese-American author of two books and many columns in Orlando Sentinel, Forbes, The World Journal and Sing Tao Daily. He is compassionate in sharing proven Asian-American wisdom in education, parenting, personal finance and family management with struggling American families. He advocates Asian Americans organizing to protect their civil rights. He published the first column on English media in support of Chinese Americans’ demonstration against ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Show in November 2013 and many columns in support Asian Americans’ grassroots movement to stop California SCA5, which would have reinstituted racial preferences in college admissions in the state of California, from Florida.