AACE is a non-political, non-profit, national organization with 501(c)(3) status devoted to Asian-American equal rights in education and other education related activities.

Mission and Vision: AACE’s mission is to achieve equal education rights for Asian Americans. Our vision is to unite Asian American communities and other communities that support AACE’s course (organizations as well as individuals) and to partner with diverse organizations from throughout the nation to achieve our objectives.

By uniting Asian-American communities, AACE will use the following democratic approaches to advance our cause:
1. Launch media campaigns and conduct community outreach to increase public awareness;
2. File administrative complaints or take legal actions against universities or other education related institutions that discriminate against Asian-American applicants;
3. Encourage and support discriminated-against Asian-American students to file complaints or take legal actions;
4. Advocate for legislative changes in favor of equal education opportunities;
5. File position papers on relevant policy and legal issues;
6. Contribute to the improvement of American education.

Organizational Structure: AACE will accept both organizational affiliates and members through the affiliates and individual memberships. The Board of Directors will make decisions for major issues, with the power to delegate various duties and responsibilities to an Executive Committee and other Committees.

Registration Status: AACE has been registered in California. It has been approved by IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Affiliated Organizations: AACE will include Asian-American organizations and other organizations that support our mission as its organizational members, which are called affiliated organizations. By joining AACE, the affiliated organization will participate in and support AACE in activities related to equal education opportunities. In the areas of education rights, AACE will coordinate with affiliated organizations, take a lead and represent affiliated organizations. In other matters, affiliated organizations will conduct their own independent activities, without AACE involvement.