Become a Member

The Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) welcomes all individuals who support AACE’s Mission and are willing to commit time and resources to our organization to become AACE members. To register your membership, please fill out the following registration form and pay an annual membership fee($50 for each regular member and $20 for each student member):

Membership Registration Form

Pay Membership Fees

1. Pay via PayPal, Debt Card or Credit Card (Please indicate your name and email in the note).:

2. Pay by Check (Please indicate your name and email in the Memo of the check):
Check should be made out to:
Asian American Coalition for Education
P.O. Box 507
Livingston, NJ 07039

AACE Membership Information

I. Rights and Duties of AACE Members

An AACE Member shall have the following rights and duties:
1. Support AACE’s Mission;
2. Pay annual membership dues;
3. Communicate and promote AACE’s mission and programs in your local community;
4. Contribute to the formulation, oversight and advocacy of AACE’s policies, programs and initiatives;
5. Support AACE’s fundraising activities personally;
6. Pay attention to community activities and legal/political developments which may impact the organization and/or its programs and inform the AACE Board;
7. Understand and observe AACE’s policies and procedures. Do not engage in any conduct that would reflect negatively on the AACE;
8. Attend local AACE events and cast vote at AACE’s annual meetings;
9. Elect AACE board members;
10. Be eligible to run for the AACE Board of Directors; and
11. Be eligible to be nominated as an AACE Officer.

II. Application for New Members

You shall apply for the AACE membership through this online Membership Application Form.

Applications for membership shall be completed by full payment of the appropriate fees established hitherto by the AACE Board of Directors. AACE’s Membership Director or a dedicated AACE manager will then proceed to process and approve the application.

Annual Membership Dues: $50 for each regular member. $20 for each student member.

Upon becoming an AACE member, a customized membership certificate will be sent to you to recognize your valuable participation in and support to our honorable cause—fighting for equal education rights for millions of Asian-American children and generations to come!

III. Termination of Membership

Membership may be terminated: (a) By a written resignation of the Member to be received by the Secretary or the Treasurer; (b) By a majority vote by the Board of Directors on default of the Member in any requirement for membership as set forth in the Application for Membership, the bylaws herein, or any rules, regulations or policies established by or pursuant to the authorization of the Board of Directors; (c) By a majority vote by the Board of Directors on the Member’s failure to timely pay dues or otherwise fulfill any obligation(s) to the AACE; or (d) By a majority vote by the Board of Directors on the death or incompetency of the Member.