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The Asian American Community Condemns Senator Feinstein and other Democratic Members of Congress for the Baseless and Bigoted Intervention of the Proposed DOJ Investigation of Harvard University

For Immediate Release August 29, 2017 The Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) was shocked to learn that on August 18, 2017, Senator Dianne Feinstein and four other members of the Democratic Senate and Representatives (Senator Patty Murray, Representative Hakeem Jefferies, Representative John Conyers and Representative Robert Scott) issued a letter to the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, so… Read More »

AACE Board Member Henry Yang Published an Op-Ed on The Daily Caller

AACE Board Member Henry Yang Published an Op-Ed on Popular Website The Daily Caller In response to a recent Washington Post’s opinion piece claiming that Asian Americans’ complaint against discrimination is “used” by conservatives, AACE Board Member Henry Yang published an Op-Ed on popular website The Daily Caller refuting that claim. In the Op-Ed Henry Yang argued… Read More »

Asian American Coalition for Education Welcomes DOJ’s Plan to Investigate Harvard

For Immediate Release August 4, 2017 Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) is very pleased to learn that the U.S. Department of Justice is considering a civil-rights-violation investigation into the admissions processes of Harvard and other Ivy League colleges for their alleged discrimination against Asian American students. This is a direct and very positive response to the complaint… Read More »

Call for Discriminated-against Asian American Students to File Complaints

Each year, many Asian-American applicants with excellent extra-curricular activities, competition medals, extraordinary SAT scores, and high GPAs are unfairly rejected by Ivy League universities, who illegally use quotas, racially-differentiated standards and stereotypes to discriminate against Asian-American applicants. On average, after adjusting extracurricular activities, Asian-American students have to score 140-450 points higher on SAT exams than students of other… Read More »

Remembering the 135th Anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act, AACE Call to Reject Race-based Discriminatory College Admissions Policies & Practices

On May 6, 1882, 135 years ago, President Chester A. Arthur signed the Chinese Exclusion Act, the first race-based law enacted by the U.S. Congress. The Act heralded the start of a dark chapter in U.S. history. Over the following 61 years, Chinese were not allowed to immigrate into the U.S. Chinese Americans already in the U.S. were… Read More »