AACE Urges the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to Reject Divisive Racial Equity Policies and Effectively Address Rising Violence, Hate Crimes and Systemic Racism against the Asian-American Communities

By | April 27, 2023

For Immediate Release:

Livingston New Jersey, April 27, 2023.  Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) has recently submitted policy inputs to the U.S. Commission on Civil Right, urging the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to reject divisive racial equity policies and effectively address rising violence, hate crimes and systemic racism against the Asian-American communities.

AACE is alarmed that improper partisan influence may translate into the U.S. Government’s failure to take a holistic approach to properly define and effectively address many major root causes of increasing violences, hate crimes and systemic racism against Asian Americans.

Notably, the majority of violent attacks on Asian Americans were reported in states that either defunded the police or released many violent criminals irresponsibly during COVID-19 pandemic or failed to address their rampant homeless and mental health issues such as New York and California, rather than in states that voted for President Trump such as Texas and Florida. While invoking “Chinese Virus” and “White Supremacy” could be blamed for some hate crimes (mostly verbal assaults) against Asian Americans, a hyperfocus on these two issues would deflect the public from paying much-needed attention to other major problems that harm Asian Americans in the forms of bodily injury, even deaths in a rising trend.

As a result, AACE urges U.S. Commissioners on Civil Rights to adopt the following non-partisan approaches in your efforts to help Asian Americans:

1. Require the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and all pertinent local agencies to conduct thorough, evidence-based and transparent investigations to identify true motives and root causes behind all vicious attacks against Asian Americans.

2. Demand relevant state and local governments reverse their failing policies of defunding police and releasing violent criminals irresponsibly, especially in the localities where these policies have harmed Asian Americans.

3. Demand relevant state and local government to effectively address their homeless and mental health issues.

4. Demand DOJ to implement zero-tolerance on hate speeches, pro-violence raps, and foul games that target Asian Americans or any other Americans

5. Demand the politicians and media to stop labeling Asian Americans as “over-represented” or “privileged.”

6. Forcefully reject and oppose the divisive and unconstitutional “Racial Equity” agenda which is currently endorsed by the Biden Administration.

7. Demand the U.S. Supreme Court to totally ban the use of race in college admission.

8. Launch investigations into various local governments/school boards for their racial discrimination in their attempts to reduce Asian students in our nation’s elite high schools.

In particular, we request the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights forcefully reject and oppose the divisive and unconstitutional “Racial Equity” agenda which is currently endorsed by the Biden Administration. The racial equity agenda mandates equal results among different racial groups by mandating treatment of Americans differently based on their racial identity. It is a blatant violation of 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964. The racial equity policies will prolong the underperformance of black, Hispanic and other minorities because demanding equal results does not address the root causes behind their performance: poverty, drug addictions, broken families, inadequate parenting and community distress. For example, in the educational arena, racial equity policy of affirmative action has failed to black and Hispanic communities, New York Times acknowledged in August 2021, “Even with Affirmative Action, Blacks and Hispanics Are More Underrepresented at Top Colleges Than 35 Years Ago.”

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Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) is a non-political, nonprofit, grassroots national alliance with over 300 partnering organizations nationwide. In May 2015, founders of AACE united 64 Asian American organizations and filed a civil rights complaint against Harvard’s anti-Asian discriminatory admissions practice. AACE galvanized Asian American communities to stand firmly behind SFFA and exposed the Ivy League college’s anti-Asian discrimination on the national stage. Over the last eight years, in support of SFFA, AACE teamed up with over 360 Asian American organizations, organized the Boston Rally in 2018, encouraged Asian American students to join SFFA’s lawsuits, and filed four amicus briefs. Over the years, besides supporting SFFA, we have advanced the cause of equal education rights for the Asian-American community in many other areas, including federal adoption of AACE policy recommendation on college admissions in July 2018, federal lawsuit against Yale University in 2020, support to Asian Americans’ fights for equal education rights in Maryland, New York, Washington, California, Massachusetts and other states. AACE is the proven leader in fighting for Asian-American children’s equal educational rights.