Sign the Complaint against Yale University, Brown University and Dartmouth College

By | March 14, 2016

Dear Leaders:

In order to eliminate Ivy League Universities’ widespread and severe discrimination against Asian American children during the college admissions process, we united 64 Asian-American organizations and filed a civil rights violation complaint against Harvard University in May 2015. However, the Department of Education dismissed our complaint citing an ongoing lawsuit against Harvard. Today, most American elite universities still engage severe discrimination against our children.
As a result, Asian American Coalition for Education calls for Asian-American organizations to unite and jointly file complaints with the Department of Education and the Department of Justice against Yale University, Brown University and Dartmouth College in protest of their discrimination against Asian-American applicants. We picked the three universities because they have lowest Asian American admission rate and there are no ongoing lawsuit against them. This action will bring two major benefits:

1. It will lead to social and political pressure urging Ivy League universities to stop their discrimination against Asian-American applicants and to significantly increase admission rate of Asian American applicants. After the Department of Education started investigating Harvard in 1988, its admission rate of Asian-Americans jumped from 10.8% in 1988 to 16.1% in 1991. Similarly, after a few Asian-American students filed a complaint against Princeton since 2006, its admission rate of Asian Americans increased from 14.7% in 2007 to 21.9% in 2012 and 25.4% in 2014.

2. It will let the Supreme Court hear our strong voice, and urge the Supreme Court to ban racial discrimination in college admissions in its upcoming ruling on Fisher vs. University of Texas, expected in later Spring 2016. After the Justice Scalia passed away, this may become the only chance that the Supreme Court has a majority in favor of such ruling in next decade. Asian-American communities cannot afford to be silent at this critical moment to air our voice.
Please join this fight, to win this crucial battle for your own children, and for all Asian Americans!
Any political or non-political organization can join us! Doing so is protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees free speech and the right to petition the government to protect our right to equal treatment under the law.

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Signed Organization (update weekly)

1. 1045 Custom Mansions Owner Association of Diamond Bar
2. 1441 Manufacture-Home Residents Association
3. 80-20 Initiative (9 Organizations)
4. A1 Education LLC
5. Aborn Institute
6. Alamo Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation
7. Allstar Institute
8. America Chinese Silk Road Chamber Of Commerce ,Inc.
9. American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin-NCC
10. American Southern Californian Economic and Culture Association
11. Asian American Federation of Florida
12. Asian American Legal Foundation
13. Asian American Republican Coalition of San Diego
14. Asian Americans for Political Advancement
15. Asian Leadership and Cultural Network
17. Asians United
18. Beijing University of Technology Alumni Association of America
19. Boston Forward Foundation
20. Boston Fudan Aluminum Association
21. CAN Chinese Action Network
22. Career Assistant, Inc
23. China Rainbow Network
24. Chinese America Association of Orange County
25. Chinese American Equalization Association(HQH)
26. Chinese American for Progress and Equality (CAPE)
27. Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County
28. Chinese American Parents Association of Fairfax County
29. Chinese Association Inc.
30. Chinese Association of China Univ. of Mining in North American
31. Chinese Association of Science, Education and Culture of South Florida
32. Chinese Civil Rights League
33. Chinese Community Center of the Capital District of New York
34. Chinese Freemasons
35. Chinese Professional Development Association
36. Chinese Social Service Center
37. Chinese Traditional Culture, Inc
38. Chinese-American Nail Salon Association
39. Conejo Chinese Cultural Association
40. CSA Afterschool
41. Dallas/Fort Worth Chinese Alliance
42. Dr. Huang SAT English Enhancement Class
43. Epic Healthy Living Education Center
44. First Han International Language School
45. Florida Acupuncture Association
46. Florida Shandong Fellowship Association
47. Global Organization of Indian Origin – Los Angeles Chapter
48. Great Neck Chinese Association
49. Great Shanghai Alliance of America
50. Greater Houston Jiangsu Association
51. Greater San Antonio Chinese Chamber of Commerce
52. Guqian Academy
53. Harris Chinese Association
54. Health Foundation (TX)
55. Hebei Association in Northern California
56. Henan Folks Association in North California
57. Houston Chinese Alliance
58. Howard County Chinese School
59. Huazhong University of Science & Technology Alumni Association of Southern California
60. Idaho Chinese Organization
61. Impact Speaking Academy
62. Jacksonville Chinese Association
63. Japanese American Association San Diego
64. Jiao Tong University Alumni Association-Seattle
65. Jin Lan Club
66. Kiangsu Chekiang Association of Northern California
67. Korean American Association of Greater Philadelphia Scholarship Foundation
68. Korean American Chamber of Commerce of San Diego County
69. Korean American Women’s Chamber of Commerce
70. Korean Parents Organization of Millburn and Short Hills
71. Leading Young Professionals Association
72. Livingston Chinese Association
73. Long Island Chinese American Association
74. Long Island Parent of Chinese
75. Michigan Chinese Alliance
76. Michigan New Century Chinese School
77. Millburn-Short Hills Chinese Association
78. Minnesota Chinese Association
79. New Asian Leaders
80. New York Shandong Association, Inc.
81. No Tower in Schools
82. Noble Tree Publishing Inc.
83. Northeast Chinese Association
84. Northern California Chinese Culture Athletic Federation
85. OCA Eastern Virginia
86. Ohio Chinese American Association
87. Ohio Contemporary Chinese school
88. Orange County Chinese American Chamber of Commerce
89. Orange County Ladies Group
90. Orlando Chinese Professional Association
91. Overseas Hubei-er Association
92. Pakistan Policy Institute
93. Peking University Alumni Association of Oregon
94. Philadelphia Tri-State Chinese American Association
95. Ray Chinese School
96. San Antonio Chinese Alliance
97. San Antonio Society of Chinese Professionals
98. San Diego Asian Americans For Equality
99. San Dong Association
100. San Francisco Chinatown Merchant Association
101. SCV Chinese School
102. Shah Latif Cultural Institute of Texas (SLCIT)
103. Shandong Fellowship Association of South USA
104. Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine Alumni Association (North America)
105. Sharron Art Center
106. Shou Chu Organization
107. Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation
108. Sillicon Valley Foundation for Better Environment
109. Sino Professionals Association
110. South Florida Sicuanren & Chongqingren Chinese Association
111. Spring Source Education Institute
112. Star Education Inc.
113. Taiwan Benevolent Association of Florida
114. The Korean Association of Greater Washington
115. The Orange Club
116. The Shanghai Association of America
117. U.S. Arts & Design
118. UBC (United for a Better Community)
119. United Chinese Association of Utah
120. Universal Chinese Publishing Group
121. US Asian Cultural Academy
122. US-China Friendship City Network
123. USTC Alumni Association in Greater New York
124. USTC Alumni Association of Southern California
125. UT Austin PGE Chinese Alumni Association
126. Vancouver Chinese Association
127. Venus Chinese School
128. Washington Youth Foundation
129. Weibo Learning Organization
130. Westlake Chinese Culture Association
131. WW-P Education Support Association
132. Yucai Chinese School