AACE Board Member Henry Yang Published an Op-Ed on The Daily Caller

By | August 17, 2017

AACE Board Member Henry Yang Published an Op-Ed on Popular Website The Daily Caller

In response to a recent Washington Post’s opinion piece claiming that Asian Americans’ complaint against discrimination is “used” by conservatives, AACE Board Member Henry Yang published an Op-Ed on popular website The Daily Caller refuting that claim.


In the Op-Ed Henry Yang argued that It is well-documented that Asian Americans are discriminated against in college admissions. Countless studies, reports, complaints and lawsuits provided solid evidences. As Asian American parents, we witnessed firsthand the discrimination against our children in college admissions. Time and again, well qualified Asian American applicants were rejected by elite schools, while some of their non-Asian classmates were accepted to these same schools with much lower qualifications.

Mr. Yang concluded that “after enduring decades of open and widespread discrimination in college admissions, Asian Americans finally woke up and started fighting for our equal educational rights. We are not used by anyone, instead we are standing on our own feet, fighting for our own rights.”

According to Wikipedia, The Daily Caller is a news and opinion website based in Washington, D.C. By 2013, the site was receiving over 35 million views a month according to Quantcast.