To Support SFFA’s Lawsuit against Harvard, Please Co-sign Amicus Brief

By | July 16, 2018

Dear Asian American Community Leaders:

As an important ally in defending the equal education rights of Asian American children, Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) has invested remarkable financial resources and assembled a top-notch team to litigate Harvard University, since November 2014.

Last month, we shared with you irrefutable evidences disseminated by SFFA, detailing Harvard’s unlawful practices of racial balancing, racial stereotypes, and higher standards to discriminate against Asian American children. With such information, SFFA can argue a strong case against Harvard in the upcoming trial, scheduled for this October. Winning this case will not only hold Harvard accountable for its anti-Asian admissions, but also set a legal precedent for deterring other American colleges from discriminating against Asian American children.

To support SFFA’s lawsuit, we are drafting an Amicus Brief to be filed with the Federal District Court in Boston, with the following key messages:
1. Historically, Asian Americans have been victimized by race-based, discriminatory policies such as the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the internment of Japanese Americans during the WWII.
2. Anti-Asian discrimination today takes a more insidious form in education, as racial balancing programs and policies promoting racial diversity which unfairly diminish the admission chances of Asian American students nationwide.
3. Discrimination in college admissions, regardless of its purported justification, has detrimental effects on Asian American children, who face overwhelming study loads, stress, and depression, among a host of social and mental health issues.
4. Harvard’s discriminatory admissions model is nothing more than a futile bandage over policy failures to curtail educational deficiencies in black and Hispanic communities. Rather than discriminating against its Asian American applicants, Harvard should focus on helping socioeconomically disadvantaged students in K-12 education.

Hereby, we call on all officially registered Asian American organizations to join us by co-signing this important Amicus Brief, the purpose of which is to let Asian-American voice be heard by the Federal Judge for the upcoming Harvard trial.

Since the deadline to submit the document is July 30, 2018, please take immediate action to fill out the sign-up form. Millions of Asian-American children count on your support!

Please fill out the form to co-sign the Amicus Brief:

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