To Support SFFA’s Lawsuit against Harvard, Please Co-sign the Updated Amicus Brief

By | December 13, 2018

Dear Asian-American Community Leaders:

In October, many of you observed the splendid work Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) did in defending Asian-American children’s equal education rights in front of the federal court of Boston. During the trial, SFFA’s legal team exposed mounting evidence of Harvard’s blatant discrimination against our children. Among the strong evidence of an Asian penalty, the use of personal ratings to systematically lower Asian Americans’ admission chances is particularly egregious. As a direct consequence of SFFA’s lawsuit, Harvard issued new admissions guidelines which abandon the illegal use of race during the process of assigning personal ratings.

We recently learned that Judge Allison D. Burroughs will hear additional argument from both sides on February 13, 2019 before issuing judgment on this case. Winning this case will not only hold Harvard accountable for its anti-Asian admissions, but also set a legal precedent to deter other American colleges from discriminating against Asian-American children.

To help SFFA win this important lawsuit, we are updating our Amicus Brief submitted on July 31, 2018, to include new information from the trial. After its completion, we plan to send you the updated Amicus Brief for your review in the first week of January. The updated version will represent further improvements on our original document which was excellent in its own right.

The key messages of the updated Amicus Brief are:

1. The evidence presented at trial demonstrates that Harvard uses de facto racial quotas on Asian Americans and maintains them by assigning lower personal scores and raising the admissions bar higher for Asian-American applicants.

2. Harvard uses the same odious stereotypes historically employed to justify discrimination against Asian Americans in the U.S.

3. The Ho Case and other present-day battles against discrimination in California and beyond prove that our struggles as a community against racial discrimination are ongoing and significant.

4. The injury caused by the current discrimination against Asian-American students imposes serious burdens on Asian-American communities, families and students.

5. Harvard’s covert program of discrimination has no place in America and should be brought to an end.

Hereby, we call on all officially registered Asian-American organizations to join us by co-signing this important Amicus Brief, the purpose of which is to let Asian-American voice be heard by the Federal Judge during the extended Harvard trial. (If your organization has already signed up our July 2018 Amicus Brief, you do not have to fill out the form again).

Since the deadline to submit the document with Federal Court in Boston is January 9, 2019, please take immediate action to fill out the sign-up form. Millions of Asian-American children count on your support!

Please fill out the form to co-sign the Amicus Brief: