Call for Donations to Support SFFA’s Legal Battle Lawsuit against Harvard

By | June 26, 2018

Dear Asian American Parents and Friends:

In our special edition newsletter, we shared with you irrefutable evidences disseminated by Students for Fair Admissions(SFFA), showing that Harvard unlawfully used racial balancing, racial stereotypes, and higher standards to discriminate against Asian American children.

Since 2014, SFFA has invested tremendous financial resources in expertly examining 160,000 application records and launching a series of litigation attempts. But with Harvard consistently taking a hardline approach in admitting no fault and continuing its discriminatory acts, a strenuous journey lies ahead for SFFA.

To maximize its winning odds, SFFA has assembled a top-notch legal team, on which four members formerly served as clerks to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a vehement opponent of race-conscious affirmative action. With concrete proofs of racial discrimination and great support from Asian American communities, SFFA has a strong case against Harvard in the upcoming trial that is scheduled for this October. If won, this case will not only hold Harvard accountable for its racially discriminatory admissions, but also set a legal precedent for deterring other American colleges from discriminating against Asian American children.

To ensure Asian American communities win this important battle, Asian American Coalition for Education kindly asks you to contribute to SFFA’s legal endeavor. Your donations are greatly needed to support SFFA’s litigation efforts.

As a minority group who care dearly about our children’s education, we Asian Americans have high stakes in this battle. Justice is never voluntarily granted but must be fought by those who suffered injustices.

For the equal education rights of your children and your grandchildren, please make a donation to SFFA directly at
Thank you very much for your support!

Asian American Coalition for Education