AACE Urges Asian Americans to Provide Suggestions to the Trump Administration

Dear Asian American Parents and Friends:

Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) learned that President Elect Trump has started the process of soliciting citizens’ suggestions on how to move America forward. He has opened a website: http://www.greatagain.gov After you enter the website, you can open the “Share Your Ideas” tab and input your ideas and suggestions.

AACE suggests our supporters to actively participate in this process by telling the Trump Administration that you want to ban the illegal use of race in college admissions and to ensure that all Americans, regardless of their race, have equal education rights. The suggested inputs are:

“I strongly request that the Trump Administration re-examine education related policies and ban discriminatory college admissions practices including illegal use of racial quotas, racial stereotypes and/or higher standards for Asian American applicants.

The illegal racial balancing in college admissions significantly undermines American meritocracy, an indispensable principle that makes America great. All Americans, regardless of their race, should have equal education opportunities. We should treat all students equally based on merit, and jointly help the poor, regardless of their racial background.

(To read more about the illegal discrimination against Asian American applicants, please visit: https://asianamericanforeducation.org/en/issue/discrimination-on-admissions ) ”

Thanks for your support and participation!

Asian American Coalition for Education