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Asian American Communities Reject Harvard’s Proposed Changes in College Admissions as “Wrong Solution to America’s Educational Problems”

For Immediate Release January 31, 2016 Livingston, New Jersey: The Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) has issued a policy statement, rejecting the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s recent report “Turning the Tide: Inspiring Concern for Others and the Common Good through College Admission,” which proposed drastic changes in the college admission process across America. Though AACE welcomes… Read More »

Harvard Complaint News Reports and Editorials

EDITORIALS and OPINIONS 1. Wall Street Journal: Harvard’s Chinese Exclusion Act 2. Wall Street Journal: The New Jews of Harvard Admissions 3. Wall Street Journal: Harvard’s Discrimination Dodge 4. New York Post: Harvard discriminates against Asians as it once did to Jews 5. National Review: What Ivy League Affirmative Action Really Looks Like —… Read More »

Complaint against Harvard University

Asian-American Coalition for Education (AACE)’s journey started in later 2014 when its founders decided to unite Asian-American communities to speak out against Ivy Leagues Universities’ discriminatory college admission practices against Asian-American children. In December 2014, they decided to unite Asian-American organizations to file a civil rights violation complaint against Harvard University. Within three months, the team drafted the… Read More »

Timeline of Asian American Coalition’s Complaint against Harvard

June 28, 2014, Yukong Zhao published the idea of uniting Asian-American communities to oppose Ivy Leagues Universities’ discriminatory college admission practices against Asian-American children in Chinese websites. August 23, 2014, Yukong Zhao initiated Wechat group to support Michael Wang, a brave Chinese American student who filed individual complaint against Ivy League schools. December 6, 2014, Yukong Zhao, Chunyan… Read More »

Our Efforts to Fight against Ivy Leagues Discrimination

Ivy League Universities’ Discriminations against Asian-American Children & Our Efforts to Fight against Them A: Key Facts on Ivy League Universities’ Discrimination against Asian-Americans Many studies have indicated that Ivy League Universities have been engaged in systematic and continuous discrimination against Asian-Americans in college admissions processes, using racial quotas, racially differentiated standard and stereotypes: “Most elite universities have… Read More »